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Outbuildings Project - St. Michael's House

Melbourne Parish Church, one of the finest Norman churches in the country, lacked the basic facilities of toilets and a kitchen. We have now completed our plans to convert the disused outbuildings behind the adjacent vicarage to provide those facilities at ground floor level, together with a large meeting room (that will also serve as choir rehearsal space) and two further rooms for group use and much-needed storage space.

The project has:

  • provided level access to the facilities we need to make the building a better contemporary resource for both church and community
  • enabled us to promote the church as a venue for a wider range of events
  • saved the outbuildings from further decay
  • enhanced the already stunning suite of buildings in Church Square alongside Melbourne Pool
  • opened up the narthex at the back of the church, as it was originally intended to be seen, by providing alternative storage space for the choir wardrobes and music that previously obscured the view
  • provided additional large and small meeting rooms for use by the community

The church originally budgeted £110,000 from its Heritage Fund to cover the project, but the poor state of the buildings and their retaining wall will lead to much higher costs than anticipated. The government has also removed the zero-rating for VAT on buildings for charity use, adding a further 20% in tax to the project. The project has cost in the region of £220,000 and was carried out by Alan Staley of Melbourne. The Friends of Melbourne Parish Church gave a gift of £15,000 to equip the kitchen and toilets. Please click the link here to view and download the leaflet about the project. You can use the form to make a donation or use the "Donation" button on the home page of this website. We are grateful to the Garfield Weston Foundation ( for their grant of £10,000.

We also have photos showing the development of the project during 2013, and the official opening of the building by the Bishop of Derby on Sunday 15th September, as well as photos of the completed inside of the building.

The Outbuildings before work began - front view
The Outbuildings before work began - side view
Work has begun
Work has begun
The Rector says a few words....
The Rector, Bishop with Phil who chamioned the project
The offical opening of St. Michael's House
Terry and Ruth at the Festival Weekend fundraising
Whoops, they dropped their wheelbarrow
A ground floor view of St. Michael's House from the back
A ground floor view of St. Michael's House from the front
A view of the upstairs room, which the choir will use for their rehearsals
The Outbuildings before work began - front view
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